Tonight, free praise and worship concert at Daybreak Church…..

Tonight, playing a free praise and worship concert at Daybreak Church (Hudsonville, MI), with a few of the best musicians in West MI; Steve Anzivino​, Jim Shaneberger​, Craig Avery​, Jonathan Rink​, Peggy Pip Keuning​, Kelly Vonk​, Heather Dobrowolski Kuiper​, Erika Thatcher​). Show starts at 7pm…..

Daybreak Church

TBT song from my old band “The Light Inbetween”…..

Here’s a TBT song from 1998, called “Release Me” from my old band “The Light Inbetween”. Fun fact; in the mid 90’s, Mike Dollar, John Williamson, Mike Oostermeyer and I formed the band (originally called Forte’), in Rockford, IL. In 1997, we all decided to relocate to Grand Rapids, MI. where the music/art scene was hip and cool. We felt we had nothing to lose, or at least a couple of us did without families and/or good jobs ;) Though, the band didn’t stand the test of time, we had a good run for a few years and released a great record. Another fun fact; we tracked drums and mixed our record on good ol’ analog reel-to-reel tape at Smart Studios (Madison, WI), known for producing many great records including Nirvana’s- Nevermind, and Smashing Pumpkins- Gish…….


Release Me

Hope you all have a safe and joyful Christmas and New Year……

As all the holiday celebrations and gatherings come and go, I’d like to give a sincere thanks to my family and friends (new and old). I am truly grateful to have you all in my life. I also would like to reflect and give thanks to the life I’m so fortunate to lead. That being said, my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are missing loved ones, lonely, hurt, sick, and anyone having to deal with the many issues that surround us all around the world. May the Lord give you the comfort you seek……. Cause I’m in the holiday spirit, here’s a couple instrumental Christmas tunes that I recorded many years ago (one day I hope to add more to the holiday catalog). Hope you all have a safe and joyful Christmas and New Year……

Noel & Bethlehem by Lou Musa

WYCE Jammies nomination list!

Wow, two records I’m involved with made it on this years WYCE Jammies nomination list! Though I cringe at these kinda things, it’s cool ;)

Album of the Year;

Rockit King, The – Truth Will Set You Free

Verve Pipe, The – Overboard

Song of the Year;

Rockit King, The – All’s You Got

Verve Pipe, The – Carry On

Best Alternative Album;

Rockit King, The – Truth Will Set You Free

Best Rock/Pop Album;

Verve Pipe, The – Overboard

Best Production/Engineering;

Lou J Musa – The Rockit King – Truth Will Set You Free

Brian Vander Ark and John Holbrook - The Verve Pipe – Overboard

Looking forward to rockin’ Schubas (Chicago, IL) Sat. night……

Looking forward to rockin’ Schubas (Chicago, IL) Sat. night w/ The Verve Pipe! Looks like the show is close to sold out, with just a few tickets left. Get em if you can!!! Going to be an awesome show for sure, though I’ll probably be pulling an all-nighter to play at Daybreak Sun. morning. Those early morning call times can sneak up on you pretty quick coming from a late night gig, not to mention the 3hr drive home, plus lose an hour with the time difference :/ Hmmm? Oh well, not my first rodeo ;)

Schubas Tavern

big rock show, Sat night w/The Verve Pipe @ Magic Bag…..

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends! Now time to get all geared up for the big rock show, Sat night w/The Verve Pipe @ Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI) – 8:30…. I’ll also be playing @ Daybreak Church Sunday morning! Hmmm, I see a “veg on the couch till Monday” kinda day for me in the foreseeable future ;)

The Rockit King, CD release show this Sat. at The Pyramid Scheme……

We are so excited for our CD release show this Sat. at The Pyramid Scheme w/Jim Shaneberger and Deadwood Stone, that we’ve decided to announce some special giveaways for the show. Here’s the deal; the first 25 people through the door to the show get a FREE autographed copy of our new record “Truth Will Set You Free”, the next 25 people will get a FREE digital download card. We’ll also be giving away 4 – $10 concert ticket vouchers that can be used for any Pyramid Scheme show. Many more surprises in store, so don’t miss out and get there early. Doors at 8pm…….While we count down the days to this event, here’s a old fan favorite; To ra ra boom de yeah everybody, it’s a “Bridge To Burn”!!! A live cut off our upcoming record “Double Live” (side note; this song was on our 2003 debut record “Day Late and a Dollar Short”) Please share and enjoy…..

The Rockit King – Bridge To Burn (Double Live)

The Rockit King’s, “Who R U”, is a duet about failed love and relationships….

Here’s another tune off of The Rockit King‘s new upcoming record “Truth Will Set You Free“, that I had the pleasure to write, record, and produce with some very talented musicians and friends. “Who R U“, is a duet about failed love and relationships. We’ve been performing and tweaking this song live for many years and finally captured it on a record. It features the amazing Karisa Wilson on lead vocals and Peggy Pip Keuning on background vocals…. and a very special thanks goes out to Al McAvoy for a stellar mix!!!. Please share and enjoy……

Who R U

Playing one of my favorite MI concert venues tonight……

Playing one of my favorite MI concert venues tonight w/ The Verve Pipe, The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI) – 8pm…..

West Shore Community College…..

Honored to be invited back to West Shore Community College (Ludington, MI) as a guest speaker for Ted Malt’s music appreciation and guitar class tomorrow. Main talking points will be; musical inspiration, working with others, prepping for a gig, and how “sounding good is 50% visual”. The last one is my favorite :)