Honored to be a part of the “Celebrity Special Olympics Basketball Game” tonight…….

Honored to be a part of the “Celebrity Special Olympics Basketball Game” tonight @ Calvin College in Grand Rapids. I’ll be performing the National Anthem, and will be playing in the game as well 😳I was truly hoping doing the anthem would get me out of playing basketball, cause the last time I almost took out a special Olympian chasing a loose ball 😬 I guess I can’t contain my competitive spirit 😂 Anyway, it’ll be fun……

New Verve Pipe videos from “Parachute”……

Here are two brand new Verve Pipe videos from our new record “Parachute”. Enjoy….

If I Could Make You Feel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfq5fibELLs

Wallflower – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FY2k2KUf-k


Great time this afternoon on “Local Spins Live”

Local Spins Live w/ The Verve Pipe

Giving the vinyl press master of the new Verve Pipe record “Parachute” a listen………

Giving the vinyl press master of the new Verve Pipe record “Parachute” a listen before printing. I guess no one else in the band has a working turntable


“Otus Supply” (Ferndale, MI) tomorrow night – 8pm……

Though the band didn’t book a bunch of holiday shows this season, we’re sure to blow the roof off at a new club called “Otus Supply” (Ferndale, MI) tomorrow night – 8pm. Only a handful of tickets left for this show. Don’t miss out……

The Verve Pipe performs “Villains”

Tonight’s show @ The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. is going to be epic! We’re performing and recording the entire “Villains” record (stripped down and semi acoustically) for an upcoming live record. Hope we capture some great live energy, less the mistakes 😉


The Verve Pipe performs “Villains”

Lookin’ forward to being back on stage w/The Verve Pipe this weekend!

Lookin’ forward to being back on stage w/The Verve Pipe this weekend!
Tonight – The Detroit Athletic Club (Detroit, MI) -10pm, with our friends, “The Motor City Horns” sitting in with the band. Who knows, we may actual jam some Seger tunes if the mood strikes us 😉
Saturday night – Bell’s Eccentric Cafe (Kalamazoo, MI) – 9pm This show is outdoors in the beer garden, and weather should be awesome. Just a handful of tickets left if you’re interested in going……

Bells Beer

Wow, I am SO grateful and completely overwhelmed……

Wow, I am SO grateful and completely overwhelmed by all the thoughts and prayers that I’ve received from family, friends, fans, and just concerned people, the last couple days. I did not expect all this attention, nor the media coverage? Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed by it all, but sincerely thankful.
To give everyone an update; I’m at home now resting and relaxing. I received a clean bill of health from the awesome Drs. and staff @ Spectrum Butterworth Hospital (Grand Rapids, MI). Other than a few staples in my head, a couple stitches in my elbow, and a bunch of road rash. I will heal up nicely. Thankfully, the only scaring will be on the back my head where they used staples. I guess if I ever lose my hair or shave my head, I could get a cool head tat 😉
Anyway, their’s been a lot of questions and comments about the accident, that hopefully I can clear up. First off, I do not run on the street (to avoid being hit by a car….hmmm? ). I stick to trails and sidewalks. That being said, I do cross one busy street on my run route (Wilson Ave/Grandville, where Buck Creek Trails connect to each other). A few years ago, The City of Grandville built a pedestrian/bike crossing to connect the two halves of the trail to make it safer. I’ve run and ridden a bike this route hundreds of times, seeing most vehicles stop (and many that do not), when pedestrians are present and lights are flashing. This particular incident, vehicles were stopping, but my view (and I assume the driver of the car that hit me) was obstructed by a city bus that had stopped at the crossing in the right lane closest to me. Well, that’s when my day (and I’m sure the drivers day) went from good to bad. I’m not sure if the driver stuck around, but assume so? I was immediately helped by random good samaritans, and eventually EMT’s. From that point on, I was rushed to emergency care for a complete check over (patch and repair). Funny, the one thing I was most nervous about out of everything that was happening to me, was having to get tetanus shot. lol…..

I’m beginning to realize how truly fortunate I was, to pretty much walk away from being hit by a car with no major injuries. I thank the Lord for giving me another day to be with my family and friends, and that I can still use the gift of music to connect with people. My thoughts and prayers are for all who are out there that are less fortunate than I, that are suffering, sick, and/or lost (believers and non believers).

Btw: just noticed that my Nike running ap was running the entire time. You can see where my path took an unexpected detour ?


I’m beaten up and bruised………

So as most of you have heard; I was hit by a car this morning into the first couple miles of my run. The car didn’t stop at the (flashing lights) pedestrian crosswalk. Anyway, they said I was thrown 20′. I didn’t lose consciousness, so I remember ever sec :/ I, unfortunately, had to get staples in the back of my head due to the cuts. Plus, I have a concussion. I’m beaten up and bruised, and will have to stay in the hospital overnight for observation, but I will survive:) The big bummer is, I was planning to fly out tomorrow to Virginia Beach for a show with The Verve Pipe. This will be the first time in my life that I have to cancel a gig last minute 🙁
I truly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, especially the band for understanding.



I do have a fear of wearing a headset mic! Lol…

A new tour blog. We hope you enjoy…..

Tulsa Time and Texas Heat!